About Me

My name is Julia and I am a board-certified lactation consultant, with 10 years experience working in a hospital setting.

I really never imagined I would be a lactation consultant. I come from a family of writers. I studied history in college and went into the low-paying but satisfying career of writer and editor.

Then I got pregnant. A neighbor, also a lactation consultant, offered me breastfeeding help and advice if needed after the baby’s birth.  “Really,” I thought, “how difficult can it be?”

I soon found out.

I made it, with the neighbor’s help, through the initial stages and successfully breastfed three children. But it was a humbling experience. I vowed then to help others make breastfeeding successful and enjoyable.

Parenting can be difficult, while also the most gratifying experience of your life. This blog is meant to be a collection of ideas and information, which will hopefully pique your interest and prove to be useful.

I look forward to your comments and suggestions. Please let me know what you think, using the Contact Us link.

Happy parenting!