Crochet an Octopus for a Preemie

Photo: My Nomad Home

If you’re a crocheter, or maybe someone looking for a new hobby, here’s a heartwarming idea — crochet an octopus for a preemie.

This idea was first started in Denmark, where staff in the NICUs observed that hospitalized premies had improved breathing, heart rate and blood oxygen levels when clutching the tentacles of the crocheted octopus. The idea is the curly tentacle reminds the infants of their mother’s umbilical cord.

Thus, the Octo Project was started.

If you want to try, for your own child or to donate to a hospital, you can get some ideas  and download a pattern from blogger Gosia’s website My Nomad Home. Get ready to see some really cute octopii!

The specifications, including the length of the tentacles, are important to ensure that the octopus is not a hazard for the infant.

If you would like to donate the octopus, check out this list to find out which countries have a group to collect them.